My Book Reviews category is where you can read the most popular YA science fiction and fantasy book reviews. There are some that are not SyFy/Fantasy, but the majority will be. SyFy/Fantasy is my favorite genre. Like stated before, these books will all be YA or NA books. No adult books will be featured here because I write YA and want to stick with that.

I do have a book review request page where you can submit a request for a book. Since I am always reading, I’m constantly looking for new books. Not sure if a book is worth your time? Send one over to me! The more requests I can for one specific title, the more likely it’ll be that I’ll buy and review it.

Some book reviews you can expect from me in the future are as follows.

“The Cruel Prince” and “The Wicked King” by Holly Black

“Caraval” and “Legendary” by Stephanie Garber

“Throne of Glass” Series by Sarah J. Maas

And more!

But be careful, there will only be SIX reviews up at one time! So they won’t be up forever.

More To Come! Always Come Back To Check For More!

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