The Mark of Chaos & Creation Cover Reveal

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The official release date FINALLY will be September 6th, 2022 through Pisces Moon Publishing.

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When You're Marked, You know it.

Karalevingne Ruzz became a tattoo artist for one reason and one reason only; to save her life. As a seventeen-year-old orphan living in the major city of Zarmania nestled in a futuristic Earth that’s currently under The Arianyte Hierarchy’s occupation, Kara’s survival has always been threatened. This Galaxy-wide policing service is out for more than just control over Earth and all its subsequent colonies dubbed “The Aurora System”; they’re on the hunt for the Galaxy’s most potent powers. Anyone with a hint of a unique or unusual mark upon their body or an Unnatural Ability levels 1 to 5 have been hunted by the alien occupation for the last three decades. How does Kara know she’s been a target her entire life? Because they came for her five years ago at the orphanage where she was raised, searching for children with the mark of creation. This mark was powerful, dangerous, and outright homicidal, and they did find what they were searching for. Only it wasn’t Kara who they took from her bed at the orphanage that day. With the power to stop them from taking him, Kara did nothing but watch as her best friend disappeared into the black hole that is Arianyte. Never to be seen again.

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Novel Progress~First Draft~COMPLETED!!

The Make of Creation

Chapters Written
Second Draft Progress
Amount of Manuscript Written 100%
Third Draft Progress
Amount of Manuscript Written 100%
Editing Process 100%
Final Line Edits/Proofread
Professional Edits Will Be Completed by July 1st 40%

Curious as to their style?

In this Pinterest board, I got deep into the male and female styles of the characters in my story.

The Mark of Creation, my debut novel, is a YA-Science Fiction/Fantasy novel. It has romance, suspense & action. Above all, it’s a page-turning drama that explores deep topics and personal themes. When everyone is lying to everyone else and the fate of Earth’s freedom on the line, what could go wrong? 

I’m so very passionate about this book, & I can’t shout about it loud enough. This lifelong dream of mine is slowly coming to fruition, and I couldn’t be more excited.

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