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The Mark of Dreams and Darkness

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Two enemies. Two lovers. Her best friend's life in the balance. Who will she choose and who will she destroy?

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The Mark of Chaos & Creation Cover Reveal

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Edited by one of the talented editors of Brandon Sanderson’s “Mistborn”, The Mark of Chaos and Creation is a mind-bending, genre-defying debut that’ll give fans of the science fiction and fantasy genre the ride they crave. Beloved tropes like enemies to lovers, found family, and first love give readers what they want. With diverse representation and LGBTQ+ characters struggling with their identity, this book is perfect for the older YA crowd, delving into deep, darker topics that real-world people struggle with; giving a voice to those who do not have one. 

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The official release date FINALLY will be September 6th, 2022 through Pisces Moon Publishing.

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Official Artwork of Karalevine ruzz!

Karalevine Ruzz-The Mark of Chaos and Creation

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When You're Marked, You know it.

The Mark of Chaos & Creation by Arabella K. Federico

Where do you draw the line between fighting for the greater good and vengeance?

Six years ago, seventeen-year-old Karalevine Ruzz watched the aliens abduct her best friend as she narrowly escaped capture herself. Now the Arianyte Empire has conquered Earth and is searching for the most powerful weapons in the galaxy: children branded with the mark of creation.

And Kara is one of them.

Kara can’t let go of her rage, the memories of what the occupation took from her a wound forever left open, even as the rest of the world submits to the powerful tyrants and accepts their new way of life. She is so determined to track down her friend that she plans to abduct Arianyte’s second in command. But when Kara loses control of her volatile magic, she risks becoming a slave and the very weapon the empire wants most.

To get what she wants and keep her freedom, it comes at an extreme cost. Kara must decide if she can keep her true identity hidden within Arianyte’s walls as the line between justice and revenge begins to blur. Every day she risks her life. Every day she wonders if she can keep the lies going and if she’s good enough to play this dangerous of a game, and every day she wonders if she’ll make it out of Arianyte’s clutches alive.

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The mark of chaos and creation is officially complete and out in the world! Book 2 has already become being written! Stay tuned!

Novel Progress~First Draft~COMPLETED!!

The Make of Creation

Chapters Written
Second Draft Progress
Amount of Manuscript Written 100%
Third Draft Progress
Amount of Manuscript Written 100%
Professional Developmental Editing
Editing Process 100%
Final Line Edits/Proofread
Professional Edits Will Be Completed by July 1st 100%

Curious as to their style?

In this Pinterest board, I got deep into the male and female styles of the characters in my story.

The Mark of Creation, my debut novel, is a YA-Science Fiction/Fantasy novel. It has romance, suspense & action. Above all, it’s a page-turning drama that explores deep topics and personal themes. When everyone is lying to everyone else and the fate of Earth’s freedom on the line, what could go wrong? 

I’m so very passionate about this book, & I can’t shout about it! This lifelong dream of mine has finally come true, and being a published author is EVERYTHING.

Book 2 is currently being written, so if you want a peek at it early, fill out the form below to apply to be a beta or ARC reader!

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