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What's Arabella K. Federico.com all about, you ask?

Welcome to my lovely little corner of the web. It’s not much-but it’s home. I hope you come to enjoy it here as much as I do. The Home Page will be your directory to guild you throughout the site. Firstly, I have my blog that’ll deal primarily in 3 different topics: Writing Advice for all you aspiring writers out there, Fictional short stories & mini series ranging in all types of genres but primarily focusing on Young Adult literature, and traditional Lifestyle Blogging.

Secondly, my debut novel, “The Mark of Creation”, which is a huge reason for creating this website. Here is where you only will get special sneak peeks & exclusive content related to the novel that I won’t be sharing anywhere else. Know that I am currently accepting beta readers and critique partners for round 1 of edits, but this will only be open for awhile longer due to the fact that I want all my edits to take place at the same time. 

Thirdly, I will be doing Book Reviews on my favorite YA novels, primarily focusing on Science Fiction and Fantasy. I have a Book Reviews Request Page for you to submit a request for a book you’re curious about. 

Arabella K. Federico

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Come Read My Published Short Story!

"Little Red" is a short story that is a spooky re-telling of the story you only thought you knew-Little Red Riding Hood. Read the haunting tale about how Red Riding Hood truly got her infamous red hood-and what she had to do to get it.