Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Welcome, all my lovely readers! You’ve discovered my Book Reviews page, where all your favorite YA novels are dissected & analyzed for your benefit! I take a very humorous & sarcastic approach to my Book Reviews, so therefore there may be a naughty word or perhaps twenty in these reviews. So don’t be shocked! I don’t want these to be too serious, but instead, have fun with them. Books are a joyous, fun place for me to live, and I want these reviews to reflect how much joy they bring me. I will NOT to give out spoilers for the book I review, but books of a series will be having spoilers of that book’s predecessor. So, beware! Though, I will always makes sure to announce any and all spoilers ahead of time in each individual book review to make sure you don’t accidentally get your TBR list ruined. 

Think of skipping those book reviews? Don't you dare! 😉 They won't be up forever. And you wouldn't wanna miss out...
I do my best to make my book reviews fun and entertaining for you all.

Don't See Your Favorite Novel?

Is there a Young-Adult novel you're just dyyyiiing for me to do book reviews on? If I get enough requests for a specific YA book, I'll read & do a review on it! (I'll even make exception for non-YA titles if they're exceptionally special) Click to submit a request! 😀

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