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Hello & thank you for coming to The Book Review Request page! I call it a BRR!

I am constantly reading, most of the time I’m reading 2-4 at one time! It’s more than entertainment for me. In addition, I’m a firm believer that reading helps you become a better writer-it’s essential to it. Similarly, if you’re just an avid reader, than sit back & enjoy! Reading is a lovely virtue, therefore those who don’t take full advantage of it’s gifts are truly missing out on them.

Leave your book review suggestions below! The reason why I love YA novels so much is because of the love, the adventures, the feels. SO many feels! YA just has magic for me, somehow. For example, I love science fiction, fantasy, fast-paced & exciting, romance, horror, or just anything with a great & unique premise. It’s am amazed at how creative other authors are, it is really something else. As such, I can only aspire to be so good and come up with such great stories. I’m sure you feel the same, or else why would you be here? 

Therefore, if you think there’s a book that I’d love, I REALLY wanna hear about it! 

I can’t wait to see what you have to suggest.


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