My name is Arabella K. Federico and I am an inspiring SYFY Fantasy Y.A. author who is currently writing book one of three in an epic, romantic, good troupes-for-days series called The Mark of Creation. I am so passionate about this pursuit I have created this website to share this journey with you all! Aside from my novels, I want to write a blog that puts you at the center, writing about things you want to read. For instance, a blog about how to make you a better writer. A hilarious yet serious & to-the-point book reviews that tell you weather or not a book is worth your time or not.

 Writing a book is hard work, but I feel so strongly about this endeavor & I cannot wait to get to know you all through my journey into publication & beyond! 


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My Story


What’s Arabella (me) all about, you ask? Well, well, well…

I have been writing ever since I can remember, I still have raggedy old spiral notebooks filled with Lord of the Rings fan-fiction & a Spider-man spin-off that occupied my mind for hours on end. I have had the idea for “The Mark of Creation” in my head for almost a decade, & as slow as a turtle I developed the story itself along with all the characters that I have grown to love. My day job includes beings a licensed hair and makeup artist, & I work for a major cosmetics company. I’m so blessed that my job allows me the time to write & follow this dream of mine. Therefore, I always seem to come right back to it. I can’t let it go, so I might as well make it happen.