Why You’ll Never Be Published

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Why You'll Never Be Published-If you think like this

They say we are what we believe we are. In your case, if you believe it's nearly impossible to be published successfully-then you probably won't be.

Like Attracts Like

 “Like attracts like”-The truest and most underrated statement of all time. To begin, I am aware that you are here to try to make yourself a successful author and get published, but hear me out for a second. Let me guide you down a path of self-discovery. It seems much like the Protagonists you write about, you too have lies that you believe, flaws that you cannot see; and a lot of growing to do. We all do. So logically, if your base perception about how becoming published works is that of a negative, practically impossible one, then how else do you expect your reality to play out? 
Your thoughts determine how and if you'll be published

We get in life what we think about most. This includes being published-or not.

For example, if you’re like a lot of other fellow writers out there, you engage in a comical writing meme now and again. Now, memes that claim us writers are naturally shitty, procrastinating loners with no talent whatsoever and are dreams of author-stardom are practically dead on arrival aren’t necessarily the problem. Likewise, I do believe they are facilitating in this false belief most writers have about the industry being incredibly hard to break out in. Similarly, they create this self-deprecating perception that we all SUCK as writers. I get “it’s a joke”, and that it’s funny, not to be taken seriously. But, it’s also playing off the deep insecurities that most writers do have about our work. Therefore, creating a false belief that, well, YOU SUCK.

It gets worse...

So, if you suck as a writer, then you’re REALLY screwed!! Because we haven’t even gotten to the good part yet! The part where the entire writing community is telling you that even if you ARE any good-you’re still probably not going to make it. Furthermore, that you have to be a rare unicorn to even get a decent book deal, let alone turn this into your day job. Just look at how many people are trying to be authors! The field is just too saturated. The Market doesn’t have room for you, and neither do agents or publishers. So, go cry into your spiked coffee you alcoholic, because you’re going to need it.

I asked my Twitter Following if they felt being published was easy, really hard, or 50/50. I had to make my point-and I sure did.

In conclusion…everyone is fricken negative! Okay, I’m only slightly joking there. But, this poll totally proves my point. Not ONE person thought that success in publishing was easy. No wonder the collective of writers have such a hard time with this. We ALL pretty much believe that it’s hard-and therefore-IT’S HARD. And I am aware there were only 12 votes on this poll and it does not reflect all opinions, but that isn’t the point. It’s what this poll doesn’t show that is more important that what it does. And you, my dear writer, probably believe what the majority believes. But that’s okay, because I’m here to change that shit. 

Believe you'll be published and you will

Why "reality" doesn't matter.

Contrary to what everyone else says, I DO think that making it big and getting published is a realistic and attainable. Yes, writing a book is very, very hard. Writing a GOOD book is even harder. Each and every step of this process is HARD.

 I’m not here to tell you that it’s easy-I’m here to convince you that it’s POSSIBLE. 

To give you an alternative way of believing, of seeing, and of navigating this industry. Nobody can make you believe any type of way-not even those who wanna throw statistics in your face to prove that they’re right. Of course they’re right! It’s what they believe, therefore it’s their reality. Their reality will reflect that belief by showing them reasons as to why it’s true; and POOF it’s “real”. Alternatively, your reality can be anything you want it to be, as well. Similarly, as long as you convince the mind that it is so-it will be so. Therefore, just as the nay-sayers who wanna convince you that you’ll never be successful will have all their reasons as to why that’s true, so will YOU. That’s where the magic happens.

So, if reality is based on belief, then why not just believe?

  First of all, what do you have to lose if you change your beliefs? What’ll happen to your novels if you’re constantly telling yourself how great of an author you are? What if…you stop with the memes that put you down, and reinforce a lie that doesn’t serve you? The only risk you take is that of your reality shifting to make that dream a tangible one. Because, believe it or not, that’s how our reality works. Don’t fear “Being disappointed”. In contrast, that’s a foolish reason to not believe in yourself. Disappointed? Oh well! You are resilient, and you will believe it until it happens. Because if you hold back for that reason, you’ll only drawl more that disappointment to you. Remember, “Like Attracts Like”.
You get in life what you think about most and what you believe. So, if you believe you’ll only be disappointed, well… 

Think about it...

Honestly, give a go. I’m about to Red-Pill ya’ll’s asses. Think about all the beliefs you’ve collected in your life. Do those beliefs play out in your reality? Not every belief will manifest every time, but generally speaking, I can probably guess you’re mind is getting a little bit blown right now. Yes, this is The Law of Attraction. This is a spiritually based belief system that I’ve personally seen change my life. And I want to help you let it change yours. LOA is always working, 100% of the time, rather you’re conscious of that fact or not. So why not use it to your advantage? This is not witchcraft, this is not satanism, this is not me telling you Jesus will strike you down for thinking outside of The Bible. This is nothing more than the words you tell yourself day in and day out, and you can either choose to let it rule you-or you can rule it. 
You can be published, if you believe you can

Perception = reality

  There’s nothing I can say to get you believe that the way things are in the writing/publishing world can be different based purely on your perception of them. I am not trying to deny the reality of becoming published, or what we’re talking about here. Likewise, I am not trying to change your religious beliefs. What I’m trying to do is help YOU transcend above that widely acceptable belief in order to BECOME that unicorn. To get that 6-figure book deal of your dreams, to become empowered versus a slave to the system. What else can be done, aside from writing your best book? Above all, I think that this new way of believing is the best thing a person can do to give themselves the best shot. Truthfully, you can feel defeated by the system or in control of how you fit into it. That choice is yours.

In Conclusion

In closing, I can’t guarantee anything, but I can guarantee that if you’re merely open to other possibilities, other ways of perceiving our world, you’ll see a change. You can start with something small, and let the Universe show you how it communicates. Even though I am specifically speaking to publishing and becoming an author, The Law of Attraction is something that can profoundly change your life, just like it has changed mine. Do your own research, and find your own path; just know the world doesn’t HAVE to be a certain way just because “People say so.”. We’re all products of the story we tell ourselves, and as Ester Hicks always says: “You need to tell yourself a different story.” And as storytellers ourselves, it is possible to write our own stories, not solely the stories of fictional characters.

Leave a comment below with your thoughts! 

 Tell me in the comments, what is your belief about publishing and getting published? Do you believe it’s hard, easy, or do you not even know? Do you think my way of believing is genius or do you think I’m merely burying my head in the sand? Tell me everything! Don’t forget to share with all your writer friends and give them a chance to believe.

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