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Character Study: Edward Cullen, The True Protagonist Of Twilight

©Copyright Arabella K. Federico 2020 All Rights Reserved My opinion on why Edward Cullen is the REAL Protagonist of The Twilight Saga, and how Stephanie Meyer's new book, "Midnight Sun" will probably be the best novel out of the five. Let's Go back...back to the days of the twilight "Twihards" To begin, and please don't think less of me...I drank the Kool-Aid over the entire Twilight thing. Actually, I found the books decent back then, but that wasn't the issue, despite the sparkly vampire thing. My issue was Bella Swan's lack of personality and Kristen Stewart's…


Protagonist: Create Your Dream Main-Character Part 2

Creating Your Dream main-character: How Protagonist & Plot dovetail together to creat a dynamic merge. Part 2 © Copyright arabella K. Federico How you are able to take an incredibly flawed Protagonist and guild them down the 3 Act Structure so their story follows a completed arc that follows the plot to perfection. The 3-act story structure To begin, since I mentioned Jessica Brody in PART 1 of my Protagonist series, I'm going to just continue with her and her book "Save The Cat 2.0" as an incredible resource for understanding The 3 Act Structure. It is going…


Protagonist: Write Your Dream Main-Character~Part 1

Protagonist: Writing Your Dream Main-Character~Part 1 © Copyright Arabella K. Federico How Protagonist and Plot Dovetail together to create a dynamic merge that gives your readers a main-character wroth fighting for. "It's not about the Plot-It's about The Lie, The Journey, & The Truth."- Arabella K. Federico To begin, my blog post "Why You're Writing Your Mentor All  Wrong" speaks to this notion of the Protagonist's journey. Those writing their novels from the approach of an external plot, idea, or premise aren't wrong, per-say, but they're just missing an element. In the beginning of the journey, I…


Writing Your Antagonist’s Evil Sidekick

© 2020 Arabella K. Federico All Rights Reserved Writing Your Antagonist's Evil Sidekick We're all familiar with the hero's sidekick, with the Protagonist's valiant partner in crime who's always standing by their side through adventure and danger alike. But what about your villain's sidekick? What happens to your story when you take all the elements of a traditional sidekick and wrap them in evil intentions and spring them out upon your world? Everyone needs a friend, even the most evil of Antagonists. To begin, lets start with the obvious by stressing the importance of giving this evil…


How To Write A Character Smarter Than You

© Copyright Arabella K. Federico 2020 All Rights reserved How to write a character who's smarter than you A Blog by arabella k. federico Are you a genius? Is your IQ in the top 5 percentile? Do you even know about Reality Transferring? Yeah, me either. Though, if you're in the market for whipping up stories that require a smarty-pants character who has to be smarter than you, but you yourself aren't a theoretical genius; how the heck do you write that character? Well...let me tell you some things. Book smarts VS street smarts VS all…

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Writing The Grey-Hero

© 2020 Arabella K. Federico All Rights Reserved We all know about the typical hero. We all know who our Anti-Heroes are. But do you know about the grey-hero? We all understand the Grey Antagonist, but what about the Grey Protagonist? Introducing the grey-hero For example, you see it everywhere on Pinterest. "How to write a morally grey Antagonist!" "How a grey Antagonist Will Shake Your Readers." They're not wrong. A morally grey Antagonist IS a good Antagonist. Typically, you don't want a bad guy who's purely, 100%, Evil Mc.Evilness. People, particularly your readers are bored…


Why You’re Writing Your Mentor All Wrong

© 2020 Arabella K. Federico All Rights Reserved. Why your mentor character sucks, is cliche', and how you're novel is missing out on the thematic truth your readers are craving. Wise old men who are full of Power & knowledge-NEXT!! Firstly, it's time this stereotype ends. Period. It's not a thing anymore and more importantly-IT'S BORING. So, now that that's out of the way, we can get to the good stuff.  Why Have A Mentor? Secondly, even though I feel like this is self-explanatory, sometimes people need a refresher course in this archetype. I'm going to go…


Writing A Contagonist

© 2020 Arabella K. Federico All Rights Reserved What a Contagonist actually is and how this character can absolutely transform your story and its conflict to engage readers so they'll be hooked to your storytelling. What Is A Contagonist, anyway? To begin, what in the heck is a Contagonist??? No-before you even ask, it is NOT the protagonist or antagonist replacement in a story. The term "Contagonist" is actually a coined term created by Chris Huntley and Melanie Anne Phillips within a software to help writers create story called Dramatica. Dramatica is its own ecosystem of storytelling. It…


When Writing A Tragedy Is Tragic

© 2020 Arabella K. Federico All Rights Reserved How to write an well-written tragedy that breaks reader's hearts, makes them love to hate you & placing you way above the competition.  To begin, a "Tragedy" is defined as: "A serious drama typically describing a conflict between the protagonist and a superior force (such as destiny) and having a sorrowful or disastrous conclusion that elicits pity or terror." Likewise, more commonly seen in plays and classic literature. But you don't need to write classic lit to write a well-written tragedy; you just need to understand why you're writing…


Your Novel Needs Jesus-A Series Bible

© 2020 Arabella K. Federico All Rights Reserved How organizing all the elements of your story into a Series Bible can save time, boost efficiency, and keep you from giving your love interest the wrong colored eyes; again.  A big, scary, and intimidating Series Bible!! Oooohhh, the horror!! God forbid a Pantser is reading this, I may get virtually slashed! All jokes aside, a Series Bible really isn't that bad, and I have proof! Literally, I'm here to plan it all out for you. In one place, where you don't have to do any hunting whatsoever. Now,…


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