Writer’s Block Has Met Its Match

Do you wake up in the middle of the night fearing writer's block taking hold of you and your story? Does it make you worry that one day you'll just be so blocked you can't write a thing? Do you struggle with Writer's block currently and haven't found a way out? Well, I have your solution What the hell is the star of conflict? To begin, "The Star of Conflict" is a specific tool I created for writers like yourself…


Writing Likable Characters Isn’t The Goal

We're all told our characters should be "likable", but what if that shouldn't be the goal at all, but instead, make them relatable instead? Why likability in the first place? Firstly, I believe humans are inherently born wanting to be liked. Being "liked" kept us alive back in our early days, and survival was necessary. It also feels pretty damn good to be liked, as well. We feel like we belong; we're apart of something and therefore-important. There's nothing wrong…


Writing A Contagonist

© 2020 Arabella K. Federico All Rights Reserved What a Contagonist actually is and how this character can absolutely transform your story and its conflict to engage readers so they'll be hooked to your storytelling. What Is A Contagonist, anyway? To begin, what in the heck is a Contagonist??? No-before you even ask, it is NOT the protagonist or antagonist replacement in a story. The term "Contagonist" is actually a coined term created by Chris Huntley and Melanie Anne Phillips…


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