The Isle Of Darkness-A Novelette

The Isle of Darkness by Arabella K. Federico

An eerie novelette just in time for spooky season

Isabella Ricci thinks they forced her from her home because she was a witch, and in 14th century Italy, that’s a death sentence. 

However, when she realizes the boat is taking her to the notorious Povelgia Island, her fears about being found a witch are long gone. 

Because Povelgia’s black hole is known as a dumping ground for the sick and dying, those afflicted with the Black Death ended up on Povelgia, and they never return.

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Povelgia Island has dark secrets...

Soon Isabella discovers that the virus is the least of her concerns when her psychic abilities reveal to her the true darkness that blankets Povelgia, and the evil that lives there.

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can isabella fight the evil that resides on the island, or is her fate already sealed?

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Time is not on her side. The suspicious head doctor has his coal-black eyes on her every step. The ghosts of Povelgia are haunting her waking and dream life; something is wrong on the island, and Isabella can’t help but sense it. Can she figure out the curse that’s causing so much suffering, or is she bound to become one of the lost souls that wander Poveglia Island forever?

The Isle of Darkness by Arabella K. Federico

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