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Cliffhanger VS Non-Ending in book

The Difference Between A Cliffhanger & Non-Ending In Books

How to Tell the difference between a cliffhanger & non-ending in books Most writers AND readers believe that a cliffhanger and non-ending in books are synonymous with each other, but just like dark-haired love interests & villains-they're similar but not the same.  Yes, a Cliffhanger & non-ending are two different things. Firstly, why is this important? Who the hell cares, you ask? I have this savior complex for all those poor readers out there missing out on AMAZING books because…

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The Cruel Prince ~ A Book Review

Buy The book! Facebook Twitter Instagram The Cruel Prince ~ A Book Review by Arabella K. Federico © 2020 Arabella K. Federico All Rights Reserved This post may contain affiliate links where I retain a small commission for any purchase made through these links Summary of The Cruel Prince To begin, The Cruel Prince begins with 7-year old Jude was stolen away from the mortal world by her mother's bloodthirsty ex-hubby who just happened to be a Faerie. He murdered…


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