Writer’s Block Has Met Its Match

Do you wake up in the middle of the night fearing writer's block taking hold of you and your story? Does it make you worry that one day you'll just be so blocked you can't write a thing? Do you struggle with Writer's block currently and haven't found a way out? Well, I have your solution What the hell is the star of conflict? To begin, "The Star of Conflict" is a specific tool I created for writers like yourself…


How To Write Pain

© 2020 Arabella K. Federico All Rights Reserved How to Write Pain. Effectively.     Pain. Physical pain. It absolutely sucks. Straight up, especially if it's something chronic that you deal with on a daily basis...but when it comes to your character's physical pain-either acute or chronic-how do you write pain? More importantly, how do you accurately convey what your characters are experiencing at the given moment of said pain? Our goals as writers are to immerse our readers into…


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