Writer’s Block Has Met Its Match

Do you wake up in the middle of the night fearing writer's block taking hold of you and your story? Does it make you worry that one day you'll just be so blocked you can't write a thing? Do you struggle with Writer's block currently and haven't found a way out? Well, I have your solution What the hell is the star of conflict? To begin, "The Star of Conflict" is a specific tool I created for writers like yourself…


Character Study: Edward Cullen, The True Protagonist Of Twilight

©Copyright Arabella K. Federico 2020 All Rights Reserved My opinion on why Edward Cullen is the REAL Protagonist of The Twilight Saga, and how Stephanie Meyer's new book, "Midnight Sun" will probably be the best novel out of the five. Let's Go back...back to the days of the twilight "Twihards" To begin, and please don't think less of me...I drank the Kool-Aid over the entire Twilight thing. Actually, I found the books decent back then, but that wasn't the issue,…


Protagonist: Create Your Dream Main-Character Part 2

Creating Your Dream main-character: How Protagonist & Plot dovetail together to creat a dynamic merge. Part 2 © Copyright arabella K. Federico How you are able to take an incredibly flawed Protagonist and guild them down the 3 Act Structure so their story follows a completed arc that follows the plot to perfection. The 3-act story structure To begin, since I mentioned Jessica Brody in PART 1 of my Protagonist series, I'm going to just continue with her and her book "Save…


Writing Your Antagonist’s Evil Sidekick

© 2020 Arabella K. Federico All Rights Reserved Writing Your Antagonist's Evil Sidekick We're all familiar with the hero's sidekick, with the Protagonist's valiant partner in crime who's always standing by their side through adventure and danger alike. But what about your villain's sidekick? What happens to your story when you take all the elements of a traditional sidekick and wrap them in evil intentions and spring them out upon your world? Everyone needs a friend, even the most evil of…


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