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Founded by Arabella in 2021, Pisces Moon Publishing is a independent publishing house made solely to disrupt the status quo of publishing houses. Although its first publication, “The Mark of Chaos and Creation” is authored by Arabella herself, she hopes for a future where she can also publish other visionary authors like herself.

If you're into all things metaphysical and Spiritual-these books are for you

Pisces Moon Publishing

This publishing house has a strong focus to the spiritual aspects of our world. Similar to the themes in Arabella’s debut novel, “The Mark of Chaos and Creation”, this publishing house focuses on things like reincarnation, aliens, past-lives, Starseeds, Matrix theory, multiple dimensions, and so many more mind-bending topics. Instead of the typical non-fiction books that dominate this genre, Arabella brings the exciting elements to life with her fiction novels, creating stories that quite literally blow reader’s minds. That’s why this house is different. There’s more than meets the eye to our world, and same goes for Pisces Moon Publishing. 

Our first novel is a doozy

The amazing cover reveal will be taking place May 11th! And the official release day after all these years is September 6th, 2022. 

This book has everything a YA reader wants, with the high-concept plot they’ve been needing to sink their teeth into. It features enemies to lovers, LGBTQ rep, diverse characters, and themes that I feel young adults crave in terms of real-world struggles like the desire to belong and finding your place in the world. Along with first love and a dash or revenge for those edgy readers. This book is different, be also the same-supporting a mind-bending high concept idea along with tropes readers love. A dark-haired villain who’s trying to get the girl? #Obessed. An active main character with a hard lesson to learn in self0forgivenness and finding a better path? CHECK. Magic, cool weapons, and aliens? Gimme more!

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