The Mark of Creation

Six Crystals. Six deadly ways for her to die.

    Kara Ruzz doesn’t realize that two of the ancient Elendril Crystals reside in her body. But she does know how deadly they are. 

After years of trying to suppress the aggressive, explosive power within her, Kara is just trying to find a way out of a hostile foster care system in order to give herself a better life. And above all, a better life for her adopted sister, Rhea Short. Worrying about mean foster parents & The Governmental Policing Service known as OWLS making her life difficult are the least of Kara’s problems. When she finds herself thrown into the center of a war that she didn’t even know was raging, her life becomes much more complicated.

When Rhea is kidnapped by the sinister leader of a mysterious gang who’s Hell-bent on stealing the Crystals within her, Kara doesn’t know who she can truly trust. Similarly, a group of people arrive claiming to know the truth behind her lost past, but are they truly there to help? Or is she just a pawn in a much larger game? A game that can get her killed.

Can Kara save the life of her beloved sister, the only person who’s ever truly loved her? Will those she grows to care about be lost if Kara can’t learn to control her abilities? Can she stop a madman from his pursuit of revenge? Teetering on the edge of his threats to destroy their fragile society if he doesn’t get what he wants?

Too bad what he wants is the only thing keeping Kara alive

Novel Progress~First Draft~COMPLETED!!

The Make of Creation

Chapters Written
Second Draft Progress
Amount of Manuscript Edited 100%
Third Draft Progress
Amount of Manuscript Edited 15%

The Mark of Creation, my debut novel, is a YA-Science Fiction/Fantasy novel. It has romance, suspense & action. Above all, it’s a page-turning drama, that explores deep topics and personal themes. I’m so very passionate about this book, & therefore I can’t shout about it loud enough.

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